Children & Youth

We are blessed with a good number of children in our church and value each one of them as a gift from God.

Sunday School & Creche

Creche.  We have a creche to cater for babies to the age of three, we have lots of fun singing songs about God, using instrument’s and dance. There is lots of opportunity for the children to sit and relax, to jumping around being very creative with crafts we have for them to use.
Sparks is our next stage up from children aged four to nine. Our focus is to teach
the children on the characters of the Bible, with use of crafts, songs, DVDs and puppets.
Pathfinders is our final stage up from children aged ten to fourteen. Our focus is teaching children about people’s journey with God in the Bible using a book called On The Way. The children will be encouraged, challenged, inspired and enlightened through activities, stories, prayer and lots of fun.
Update 2016
This term we are going to be busy Bees! Excitement is buzzing in the air. The children are going to be creating a beehive full of positive attitude. Pathfinders will be studying the Bee attitudes and how to apply them to their own lives.  Sparks will be looking at great stories in the Bible and the attitudes the characters had.  We are looking forward to all the great words that the children are going to put up on the beehive display.


youthWe have a youth programme that caters for young people from the age of Primary 7 (age 11) and right through their teenage years. Our youth group meets on a Tuesday evening and enjoy chilling out together, eating food, and having a laugh. They grow together as young Christians through engaging in worship, prayer, getting into the Bible and discussing issues relevant to them.

Child Protection

We operate a Child Protection Policy according to Government guidelines, and are kept up to date on current legislation by membership not only with the Government Body in Scotland (CRBS), but with an organisation called the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS). All our volunteers, helpers and teachers have been through the PVG Disclosure procedure.

Within our team we have people who are qualified in first aid and we have a special “emergency” call on standby. We want our church and our Children’s Ministry to be a safe, relaxed environment that children will enjoy and that adults will feel comfortable with. We operated a signing in and out procedure for the children in crèche and sparks, and pathfinders.