We have a varied programme for adults.


Cherish meets on the 1st Monday of every month between 10:30am and 12noon and is an opportunity for ladies to share with one another in a context of care.

Bible Study Groups

During term time we usually have small group bible studies that meet in homes.  Topics can range from bible characters, to books, to themes and topics.  You can pick and choose what group to attend each term – all we ask is you commit to a group for 6-8 weeks (the period of the term).

Freedom in Christ

From time to time, we may run the Freedom in Christ course.  A great discipleship course to realise who we are in Christ. Highly recommended for every believer.

Marriage Course & Pre-Marriage Course

We also run the Marriage Course and pre-Marriage course for couples looking to strengthen their marriage or prepare for marriage.  Highly recommended for every couple.

Book Club

Book Club is for ladies and meets on the 4th Monday of every month.  The book club is a safe place and a shelter for our ladies in an easy and friendly environment. Time for sharing and caring and encouragement and time to relax together.   As you would expect the club involves reading a book during the month and then coming together to talk about it.  Why not come and join us!

Men’s Bowling & Pool

IMG_4094-1Once a year the men in the church get together to have a ten-pin bowling competition (usually in March) and a Pool competition (usually in September).  A great opportunity to have fun together.  There are trophy’s for each competition that are fiercely contested for!