Welcome to the teaching page of Inverness Christian Fellowship (ICF).  We hope that you find these resources helpful and useful in your Christian life.

The page contains mainly sermon notes, or thoughts people have shared.  It also contains some full sermon notes.

To make best use of the site, we’ve created a number of categories for you to select by bible book, by preacher, by topic, or by series.  Alternatively using the search function can also help you find what you are looking for.

This page is continually being added to, so while we may not have what you are looking for now we hope that what you do find will be of value to you as you seek to live for Him and follow Him.

Recent Posts

Obeying God and not man

1 Peter 2v13-17. Peter in verses 11&12 introduces a package of teaching on how we are to live, as citizens of heaven, in the context of society, in enterprise, and in family. And this morning we are going to look at that first aspect - living Godly lives in the ...
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Be the Alien you are!

1 Peter 2v11-12 These 2 verses introduce a package of practical teaching from Peter of what it means to pursue holiness in the different contexts we find in life - as part of society, as part of enterprise, and as part of family. He starts with a reminder that we ...
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Stones that bring life and light

1 Peter 1v22-2v10. The world we live in today is a very connected world in relation to the internet. In the last 15 years, internet growth has gone from 500 million users, which was around 7% of the world population, to over 3.5 billion users today, which is around 47% ...
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