inverness_from_the_air-300x288At ICF we believe that people matter to God. God has an amazing plan for your life and it is a plan that starts with you coming into relationship with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing and living for God through Jesus is the most incredible life anyone could ever offer you! It is life as it is meant to be lived; life as God intended. We, in ICF, exist to help people come to discover this new life for themselves.

We are a growing, vibrant and contemporary church set in the beautiful city of Inverness. Our members come from Inverness and the surrounding Highlands. Our ministry is not only concerned with Inverness, but with the Highlands of Scotland, and other nations of the world. We have a big God, and a big vision of what He can do through us!

As a church, our purpose is to Glorify God, Reach the Lost and Develop the Found.

That means we believe God wants ICF to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered church that wins souls through relevantly proclaiming the gospel in lifestyle and word wherever we go; makes fully committed disciples; equips believers for works of service. Therefore, we expect to see transformation, growth and miracles!

We are a…

Church …God’s called our people
Evangelical Church …Proclaiming the Gospel
Pentecostal, Evangelical Church …In the Holy Spirit’s power
Apostolic, Pentecostal, Evangelical Church …And equipping believers to do the same!

Inverness Christian Fellowship is part of the Apostolic Church UK – an established mainstream Pentecostal denomination.  We are a growing church of just over 100 people from Inverness and surrounding areas.  We have a big God and a big vision of what He can do through us!

Our History

The Apostolic Church was formed in 1916 in South Wales.  Its roots are to be found in the Welsh revival of 1904-05.  The distinctive feature of the church has been the belief that the five-fold ascension ministries of Ephesians 4:11 are for the church today.  The growth of the church was rapid and kew the miraculous working of God. In 1922 the church sent out its first missionaries to Argentina and now works in over 50 countries with several million members world wide. The Apostolic Church is the oldest recognised Pentecostal denomination in Great Britain.

earlyicfbaptismInverness Christian Fellowship began in 1989.  It was pioneered by Samuel McKibben who is recognised within the Apostolic Church as an apostle.  He moved to Inverness with his wife in response to a prophetic word and they began a church in their home in Drakies. The church grew rapidly and moved from his home to the Kenneth street hall then the RNI chapel and hall, followed by a time in Dalneigh Primary School and then to the Merkinch Community Centre.  In 2003 we moved into Millburn Academy as we were outgrowing the Community Centre, however we returned to Merkinch Community Centre in 2014 following a strong sense that God was leading us back there.

IMG_4082During the time we were in Millburn Academy the Merkinch Community Centre has had a complete revamp and is an excellent facility in which to meet and grow.