Prayer precedes any move of God

Two rivers run through scriptures

  1. God’s sovereignty
  2. Human responsibility

Prayer does not rule out the sovereignty of God but somehow He is able to weave the prayers into His sovereignty

Early in the morning, while it is still dark, he went to pray

While it is still dark phrase – what is dark?  Future? Today? Circumstance?  Are we coming to the Lord saying we are in the dark and need His light and His help


  1. Old Testament. Nation of Israel. Family find themselves in Egypt.  God comes to Moses because of the cry of the people. It was God’s will for them to live in the promised land; walls rebuilt because Nehemiah prayed.  But God’s will for Jerusalem was to be restored.   When prayer happens things can actually get worse.  Because there is an enemy that does not want breakthrough to happen.  So we need to persevere.  Daniel is a book of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility of prayer.
  2. New Testament.  John the Baptist. Divine sovereignty that he would come; but he came in to being because God heard Zechariah’s prayer.   Day of Pentecost was foretold in sovereignty, but 120 people prayed!
  3. Experience.  Every revival starts with prayer. Welsh revival.  Outer Hebrides.