What church should and can be

We started this series on church from Revelation 1-3 by asking the question, what does Jesus have to say to church.

But before we could answer that question, we first of all needed to get a fresh vision of Jesus, and what we discovered is that Jesus needs to be central to everything we do as a church, that He is among the church empowering us, interceding for us, purifying us, directing us, speaking with my Authority to us and equipping us. And that caused us, as it were, to fall at His feet in worship for who He is and for not only what He has done, but for what He is doing among us.

He them places His right hand on our shoulder and gives us a purpose – a work to do – and He says…

I know you; I know your deeds; You are faithful people and I love you; I know everything about you and there are areas of you life I want to touch because I love you.

I want you to find again that love that you had for me at first; I want you to go back to the cross and find again the love that you had for me where nothing was impossible, where faith said you and me Lord, we can do anything. So I ask you to repent and love me again with a passion that is second to none.

I want you to know that when suffering comes into your life, not to be afraid, for I am the one who has suffered and understands suffering more than anyone, but I have come out the other side victorious, so do not be afraid, just be faithful

I want you to know that sometimes there are things that creep into our lives that ought not to be there, for some of you there are areas of your life that do not bring glory to my name, so I ask that you repent and put that right for as I am holy, I call you to be holy

I want you to know that it’s not enough just to tolerate teaching that is against my word and not say anything, but you need to speak out and take a stand for the truth, for I am the truth. For when you take a stand for the truth of my word, you take a stand for me.

These are the fundamentals of what my church should be, Jesus says, but Jesus also says there is more in me, there is always more in me, and I want to communicate what church can be

I need to shake you to wake you because there is a purpose from me that you have received and heard. There is a task unfinished and that task needs to be progressed because time is short and you don’t want to be caught sleeping when I come

There is before you an open door. I have opened that door for you to step through in faith knowing that things will be different, but that change is into a new place for I am doing a new thing among you and when you step through that door into a new place, you will find that my grace and favour towards you will be outpoured in a way you have never known before, and when you step through that door you are believing the time is short and that I am coming soon. You are active in the task that is unfinished

But in all that church should be and all that church can be there is one thing that makes all of that possible. And that is a relationship with me, Jesus says. It is a relationship that I desire. I knock at the door of your life and I long for you to open the door of your lives to me – all the doors – and welcome me in. This is not about you coming to me for my door is always open for you, this is about you opening the door of your lives to me and wanting me in your life.  For I long for you to get to know me.  I know you, I know everything about you but I still want to have that relationship, that personal best friend forever relationship with you.

That is the desire of Jesus. That all church should be and can be is achieved through relationship with Jesus. For He is the one that can empowers us, intercedes for us, purify us, direct us, speak with authority to us and equip us so that we can glorify Him and be the people and the church He calls us to be.