Self Control

Some people are in prison because they lose their temper because of a lack of self control

Some people drink too much or eat too much chocolate because of lack of self control

Hardest things to control is the tongue – see book of James

David lacked self control – see encounter with Bathsheba

Jesus was different – He was silent ; He spoke with total self control in face of Pilate and Herod

Jesus was able to do this because He had no self – He made himself of no reputation

4 helpful tips if you have a problem with self control

1 remove yourself from the problem

2 reckon yourself dead – my problem was nailed to the cross

3 pray prayers of release to break the chains

4 it depends where you live… live in the light / live in the spirit – abide in Christ to bear much fruit!  If you live in Jesus, all that is available from Jesus is available!