Jehovah Elohim

Gen 1:1-3 are the 3 most important verses of the bible.

3 things about Jehovah Elohim

  • Creator
  • Community
  • Changes (situations)

Creator God.  

Still believe in Creator God as opposed to evolution

  • Isa 40 – spread out heavens like a curtain
  • Job 26 – He hung the earth on nothing
  • Psalm 39 – fearfully and wonderfully made

Does it matter how you got here? Yes, it does. 3 things

1. If we got here by evolution then we are here by chance;  If we are here by creation then we are here by purpose

2. Evolution is about survival of the fittest; creation takes the weak and makes them strong

3. Evolution is going …. where?  With God, I know where I’m going

Community God

Elohim is plural. The is one God but there is a plurality.

Let us make man in our image

In first 3 verses of the bible you have Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Does the Trinity matter?  Yes, because if you do away with Father you lose the ability to be His child;  If you do away with Jesus you’ve done away with all that Jesus is.  And if you get rid of the Holy Spirit you get rid of gifts etc

Changes (situation)

Look at creation itself:

  • Deals with darkness
  • Formless to order
  • Deals with emptiness – populates with vegitation, animals and man

And God today still bring light into darkness; order (purpose) into chaos and fills the emptiness