A fresh vision of Jesus

Our best days are ahead of us in God. To move into that we need a fresh vision of Jesus.

Why do we need a fresh vision of Jesus? A fresh vision of Jesus
1. keeps Christ central to all that He wants to do among us and say to us
2. causes us to worship Him for who He is and what He’s done, is doing, and will do
3. enables us to respond in action to His call

What is the vision we need of Jesus? The vision we need is to understand what our Lord is doing in our church even now present among us. He is

1. empowering the church;
2. interceding for the church;
3. purifying the church;
4. speaking with authority to the church through His Word;
5. giving order to the church through leadership;
5. equipping the church;
6. and being glorified in the church

So when we start to look at what Jesus had to say to church in terms of what church looks like, we need to have that fresh vision of know the context of why He says what He says.

And He places His right hand on us and tells us not to be afraid to move into his purposes for He is the First and Last, the living One, who was dead and is now alive forever and ever and who holds the keys of death and hades.

Thank You, Lord!

It’s all about Jesus.

Rev 1:9-20